On Giving

Give freely and abundantly with no strings attached.

At the same time, a gift means nothing if it doesn't come from the heart. So if we give with a forced spirit, it would be wise for us to re-evaluate our priorities.

"understand what God has freely given" - 1 Cor 2:12 9 (NIV)

The developing basis for our missions work is to give out of our excess and to work for the will of God. We come from a society that thrives on encouraging us to keep what is ours and spend what we have on ourselves, or to even go into mass amounts of debt in order to fulfill our desires of the day. Essentially, this leads people into a poverty mentality in the wealthiest societies on earth. We are seeking to reverse this over-arching story in our own lives by seeking God first in all that we do - emotionally, relationally, spiritually and financially. By doing this, and by learning the stories (and meta-stories) of the people we serve, we hope to be able to promote lasting change. Ultimately, our aim is to change povery into bounty through seeking God first, and thus by critically analyzing our world view and aligning it with God's world view.

We hope to one day soon partner with organizations that follow a similar paradigm and we want encourage not only discourse, but affirmative action on the subject.


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