More about Music for Missions

Here is some more info about Levity Project's music for missions incentive ...

I recognized that I needed to find a creative and interesting way to raise money so that my wife and I could continue doing missions work for the long term. Creating music has always been my professional love, and using it as a springboard for our missions work was the natural solution to our problem. So, I decided that it was time for me to put the final touches on all of my music and publish it. I registered a record label called "Sleep Over Records" with the Ontario Government and began putting together the legal documents I needed for signing artists (namely, myself!) and licensing music.

By purchasing my music, you will be doing two things: helping me to continue doing what I love, and enabling me to continue along the path that I feel God is leading me on in missions. Levity Project is not a for-profit band, but we are also not a registered charity. We are offering a product for a dollar value like any other business. The difference is that the profit we make will go directly into missions to cover our living and material expenses. We will thus be relying solely on donations of professional skills and sponsorship to help with touring, recording, marketing & CD distribution. If you are interested in donating professional skills or sponsoring an aspect of the band, please email me at

Here is a link to purchase the entire album ($9.99 tax incl.)

Here is the link to purchase singles ($1.25 ea. tax incl.)

God Bless you and thanks for your support!


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