Honduras Missions Info

My wife Taryn and I are working in Roatan, Honduras at a very troubled children's home. We were called in by some friends who found out that the previous mission team was closing in fast on their exit date after two months. They had no replacement and were in a crisis situation. The director had also resigned, and there was literally going to be no one to take care of the kids.

Due to the nature of the situation, I can't release (on this blog) a whole lot of specific information about the home, it's condition, or why we are here. But for curious minds, information about the troubled history of the home can be easily found by looking up "CSI Roatan" on google. Please be aware that we have no financial affiliation with the orphanage, or anything that went on in its past. We feel that our purpose is to respond to CSI's immediate need for help.

We were called out here while we were working at another volunteer project in La Ceiba, Honduras (Helping Honduras Kids). We had helped to start up a school for a group of Campesinos who were kicked off of their land. HHK bought them a plot of land, and created a make-shift school (no walls, just a roof and floor). We were living in a volunteer house in El Cacao (a few miles north of Ceiba) and bussed a 1/2 hour to get to the project with all of our resources in hand. It was a very interesting and challenging experience - but the situation was basically stabilizing and a small store was in the works for the community to have some sort of self-sustaining income.

Taryn and I have never been a big fan of emotional roller coasters - but that's what we're on in Roatan!! Some days we have to force ourselves to crawl out of bed and into what is basically a war zone, while on others we're excited by what the day may bring. Some days we have an overflowing amount of sympathy and sadness for these kids (and their histories), while others we simply marvel at the malicious way they treat each other (and us!). It can be draining to go through. One thing we do know, however, is that each of these kids has captured a piece of our hearts and that God is working through us, and the other volunteers that HE placed here, to renew and redeem the hearts of the children and all those involved with this orphanage.

We ask for prayers of wisdom and courage, discernment and leadership.
We lift up these children, this orphanage and all things associated with it to God - and we pray daily for the redeeming grace of God to shower this place.



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