A Physical Cd Relase is comming ...

We are nearing the completion of our debut release! After much deliberation (and saving), I have decided that it was about time to sink my heels in and get this music to a mastering engineer, pay some graphic designers and do a makeover of the website. The results of all of that will be an 11 song CD entitled "re-inventing hope" - for some obvious and some not-so-obvious reasons. Many of the songs on the CD have appeared on the download page through soundclick, so to those who have purchased mp3s of the recordings before the re-release, fear not ... you'll be getting a promotional copy of our new CD in the mail for free!

The process of creating a CD is a lot harder than it might seem. I mean, as consumers, we see the final product on the shelf and that's basically the extent to which we are involved in the process. Without writing a novel, I can say that this has easily been one of the most rewarding AND stressful experiences of my entire life. I spent hours meticulously combing the songs to make notes for the mastering engineer (a fellow named john over at www.massivemastering.com). Then, I spent a few days trying to come up with some direction for the album concept of "re-inventing hope" - no easy feat for a guy who has never taken a design class. I then spent several hours researching what I would need to do pre-release time ... update the website, get ISRC codes, get a bar code, register everything with a royalties agency (thankfully I did this years ago!), register songs with BDS in case we make it to the radio, call every Christian radio station in Canada and inquire about how to submit a press kit, make a press kit, bang out more direction with the graphic designers, write a business plan (10 pages...yikes!), design a logo for Sleepover Records (my label - maybe should have hired a real designer ... ha!), and the list goes on and on and on for seemingly infinity.

That said, I've got my fingers crossed and my head in the clouds waiting for everything to finally come together. I'm praying daily that this truly is what God is calling me into, and that He will guide every last step of the process.



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