New Levity Project site!

I finally have some mp3s of the new album ready for streaming and purchase on my fully re-designed web-site! The site is fairly in-depth and gives you access to lyrics, song interpretations as well as an opportunity to support music for missions by purchasing the high quality mp3s!

You'll notice that the "store" link takes you to my label - Sleep-over Records. Sleep-over is taking care of the entire "business" end of the music, so that I can focus Levity Project on music and (much more importantly) Missions. Since Sleep-over is a business run as a mission to L.P. 100% of their profits are being donated back to Levity Project's Music for Missions program. Sweet! eh!?

As for the music downloads ... For Mac users who make the purchase, you will need an un-zip program to extract the songs and artwork. offers a free and good option called "Stuffit". OSx users should be able to un-zip the package without installing any extra software. Once unzipped, simply import the songs into iTunes and synch with your iPod.

For windows users, there's no need to download extra software, but you will have to un-zip the contents of the package to a specific spot on your hard drive. Your "My music" folder will suffice. Then you can go a-head and import the music into iTunes, or Windows Media Player, or whatever you use.

In around two weeks, I'll have 1000 (yes, one thousand) copies of the CD sitting on the front porch waiting to be marketed, sold, and then used for missions ... It's going to be crazy, but I'm trusting God to provide for us.

I will be making all of the songs available on iTunes (128kbps only) along with a host of other music stores like amazon mp3, walmart mp3, napster (the list goes on) . The unfortunate thing (for me) is that these stores charge a chunk of commission ($0.30 per $0.99 song -ouch!) and the distributing company charges a further 9%. That means I take roughly 60% and they keep the other 40%. Not so good, but not terrible either.

But please keep this in mind - if you are interested in the music, buying directly from the LP website (we use paypal to complete orders so it's totally secure) will help us out a great deal. We will be able to put close to 100% of the proftis from our website sales toward missions ... not just 60% (or less). And for anyone in the US, the prices in the LP store are in Canadian dollars ... which means that at the current exchange rate, you can save close a buck on the album purchase! woo!

So take a listen to the music and drop me a line! I'd love to hear from you



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