Emergent and Evangelical

I am fascinated by the contrast between emergent and evangelical Christianity. I really don't have much insight into what causes the division, except that emergent Christianity seems to be focusing on the kind of Christianity that is rooted in people who are victims of empire and oppression, while evangelical Christianity seems to be focused on the kind of Christianity that is rooted in people who are members of empires and ruling parties. This sounds like a verbal coo against anyone who assumes any kind of political power, but its not because we are all victimized by some sort of empire whether it be monitary, sexual. physical, sociological or ideological.

For Emergents: Many Christians at large are held captive by empires such as the sex industry, the clothing industry, and the entertainment industry, regardless of what affiliation they have. When our values blindly come form these areas rather from God, we create systemic problems. If we focus on the bible outside of these other areas, and especially outside of the systemic sociological problems of fear of those who are different, you can encourage evangelicals in their effort, which is to ultimately bring people to the repentance which leads to salvation in Christ.

For Evangelicals: Many Christians at large are not finding answers in the Pad answers of "taking the bible literally on all counts". But, it is important for Emergents to hear the hard truth about God's judgment. Emergents basically believe that we are saved by God's grace, but are also judged by our works in light of our knowledge of salvation and God's grace. This essentially means that we, together, need to find new ways of hiding the Word of God in our hearts that we might not sin against him.

The Bible is clearly written by a people who were both enslaved (Exodus 2:23) and oppressors (1 Kings 10:26-29). God was present with them through both episodes. While they were enslaved, God provided comfort and hope, and while they were oppressors God provided rebuke and hope. The common thread, of course, is hope.


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