Hell Part 1

Luke 16:23 - "hell" is translated from the greek word adē, which is "Hades" in English.

Matthew 11:23 - "hell" is translated from the greed work adou, which is "Hades" in English

2 Peter 2:4 - "hell" is translated from Tartaros, the Greek word for the place of the damned.

Matthew 23:33 and elsewhere - "hell" is translated from the greek word geennēs or geennan, which is the Valley of Gehenna, an actual, real valley South West of Jerusalem where children were Sacrificed to false idols. 2 Kings 16:3; 2 Chronicles 28:3; 33:6

So "Is hell a real place?" The answer, biblically and jewishly, is that yes it is a real place - Southwest of Jerusalem. But in accordance with the Greek philosophy of Aristotle, whom Hellenized Israel adopted to some degree, Hades provided a working metaphor for Israel's understanding of the reality of separation from the Life of God, the opposite of which is Eternal life (or life of the ages, or life of God, or everlasting life etc). So in at least one sense, "Hell" is a working metaphor for a spiritual reality which has many dimensions, one of which is in the here and now (edit) another of which transcends the here and now.


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