The Scandal of Showers

It strikes me that as water becomes more and more needed by our society, and as the imbalance between rich and poor continues to widen, it is a God ordained duty for us as Christians to care for God's creation in any way we are able in the hope that (as part of a much larger initiative to care for the poor) as our ecological impact on the earth is minimized, the people affected the most will have a fighting chance at a better life from a sustainable, thriving environmental system, rather than the erratic one we have given them through our pollution, over consumption and disregard for very real environmental limits.

Every time I step into the shower, I use 2.5 Gallons of water per minute. Over the course of a year, this equals (for both my wife and I) roughly9 thousand gallons of water going down the drain for the purposes of daily cleanliness. I crunched some numbers to see what would happen if we switched to a very low flow (1.5 gal/min) shower head. The results surprised me. We can save roughly 3,600 gallons of water every year! Spread that across 100 million households - that's 3.6 TRILLION gallons of water we can save together every year! That's 3 times the amount of water used in the city of Los Angeles every year!

Check out the excel sheet below.


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