The Gospel According to Pearl Jam

This was inspired by a video I watched called "The Crucifixion According to Radiohead."

As with that video, this is not an attempt to "Christianize" Pearl Jam's music. Pearl Jam has created what they have created ... and it's awesome. But in considering music that portrays a true aspect of the biblical narrative, I find Pearl Jam's music to have an honesty, openness, and a gritty realness that a lot of music today lacks.

Some of the music contains language (leash, present tense, and a few others) - which shouldn't really be a surprise for anyone who has listened to Pearl Jam's live shows over the past 10 or so years.

So I leave you with a set list and a corresponding word or phrase to spark your imagination. Then it's up to you to do with this what you will.

In My Tree - Eden.
Garden - Crisis
Once - Cain: East of Eden.
Fatal - Noah.
Footsteps - Joseph's Brothers.
Leash - Moses.
Who You Are - Wilderness Wandering.
Present Tense - Saul.
Given to fly - David the King .
Immortality - David in Ruins.
Push me Pull me - Solomon son of David.
Breakerfall - Babylon.
Inside Job - The Unexpected Messiah.
Corduroy - 40 days.
All or none - The Good News is Preached to the Poor.
Low Light - In the Face of Condemnation.
Dead Man, Rear-View Mirror, and Release - The Road to Death and Resurrection.
Indifference - Two and a Half Days Later.
Love Reign O'er Me - There is Hope for a better future


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