Church and Media

The way we do church raises a big problem.

People tend to accept what the guy on the big screen  (or the guy standing on stage, or the teacher) says more readily than they would accept what the person next to us says, because the guy on the big screen or on stage has to know what he's talking about ... by virtue of the fact that he's there and we aren't.

We have lost the ability to search out the truth for ourselves. We are also losing the ability to be reasoned with, as more people are swayed by fancy words and rederick than by sound logic or a well-reasoned argument.

The content on the screen (or from the person up front) is subverted by the screen itself, or the stage itself. People who say important things on big screens and stages are authoritative, even if they are completely dim-witted or flat out idiotic. One look at the US primaries tells that tale clearly ... 

Stages and Big screens inadvertently manipulate our emotions. They are extremely demanding of our full immersion and attention. That power must be wielded carefully and properly.


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