Will the future blame us?

We've heard this before. There were once two people who made big mistakes; the effects of which cascaded with such intensity that we still feel them today. Every aspect, and every person in the history of the world hasn't been left untouched.

The consequences began to unravel and reveal themselves almost immediately. What was once a place of intimacy has become a place of blame and division, what once easily yielded abundance has become sour and difficult to work, and what were once deep, meaningful and fulfilling relationships have become increasingly strained, isolated and uneasy.In the story, the two ultimately wander away from paradise into an aimless wilderness fill with pain, suffering and despair. Similarly, we as individuals and as a culture have made important mistakes - the kind of mistakes that generations down the road from us will likely feel.

But their story does not end there, and neither does ours.

"When you're tired and alone, and you feel like letting go .... when you can't take anymore, and you're beat up and ignored ... come home"

We are like the ancient wanderers. We, too, are broken and in need of restoration and healing in all areas of life. We find ourselves a long way from home ... the answers we were looking for have not satisfied the depths of the void we are trying to fill. Many of the answers (or pat-answers) we get tend to leave us even colder, more detached and more isolated than when we began. And the residual effects of decisions we've made over time can leave us sick and crippled with regret, longing for a simpler time when everything was OK.

But the hope planted within this story is also hope that is built into the fabric of the universe. There will be a better tomorrow, and it begins today. No matter how cold, alone, beat-up, left-out, and tattered we become, we have a home which we can come back to.

This song by Our Lady Peace hits on the truth that the pain and isolation experienced by so many people isn't something to balk at, and is something that the Church of Jesus can do something about. Suffering is an unnatural an unwelcome addition to life caused by a systemic problem in creation itself.  No one can escape the throes of death, pain, and suffering, but Jesus conquered it so we could find peace in it.

Until one day .. all will be made right again.


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