An Open Letter to Christians on the Topic of Condemnation

We have eternal assurance in Christ, but outside of Christ we simply don't know how God is working. We were all outside of Christ at one point, dying in our misguided passions and depraved thinking. Let us not stay that way, even as we are in Christ! There are many that God has set apart in Christ who have not yet heard the message of Christ, and there are others who have fallen away for the purpose of re-discovering Jesus. Who are we to judge what God can or cannot do? When did we become God's judge? Can God save those who are not in Christ, or reclaim those who have fallen away? Of course! Otherwise no one could be saved.

On the contrary, it is God who judges. So we must guard our tongues and speak with wisdom lest we consign someone to hell whom God has set apart, and whose time of salvation has not yet fully come. Our sole concerns are to fervently spread the gospel while doing good, and to live at peace with everyone. That is the purpose of salvation in this life; it is the way of Jesus.


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