Love vs Biblical Law

Interesting article from #gregboyd 

I've had many conversations with many people about this topic. I'm surprised (and often shocked) at the strong retaliation I get to the idea that love (agape love) is not supposed to be 'balanced' with anything else. 

To be sure, one of the views I held for a long time is that a certain balancing act between love and law needed to happen. But the problem I found is this: to categorize law against love is to miss-categorize both, because love fulfills the law. 

If love fulfills the law, then love must by definition be the driving force of the law. Furthermore, this means that obedience on its own is neither here nor there, because without love even obedience is meaningless.

To not love is to therefore miss every mark of biblical law in its entirety. It's possible to follow all the right religious rules and believe all of the right religious doctrines, but still be walking around in total self-absorbed darkness. The failure to love is not to just break a law ... It breaks the whole law into a million self-righteous, self-centred pieces.


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