Ressurection: We got it so right that we risk getting it wrong

The resurrection is good news. It's not political, racial, class-based, ethnic or religiously motivated, so it may not seem like good news to anyone towing the line on those things. For when fully embraced, the ressurection undermines all political systems (eventually), destroys racism, removes class barriers, ends ethnic division, and finishes religion as a means to get right with the universe ... Or God.

 The resurrection of Jesus can be proven with a fair amount of certainty, but not absolute certainty. Faith with absolute certainty is not really faith after all, it is just ascension to facts. You don't need be transformed to accept something as a fact, you just need to be convinced. If advertising and blogging are any indication, given the right circumstances it is possible manipulate just about anyone to believe just about anything. Faith takes trust in the character of another person, and although absolute certainty in their character is immensely helpful, it is not a prerequisite.

 In one sense, Faith is also a gift. Even with the most concrete, first hand fact of Jesus standing there after being raised, the scriptures record that many still doubted. They had a hard time receiving the gift.

 So receiving the gift of Faith takes trust, but trust is built on experience, and we interpret our experiences in particular ways, rightly or wrongly; for better or for worse. Whether it's a belief that isn't working anymore, a particular way of seeing things that's gotten stale, or a God you don't ... Or can't ... believe exists. It all comes about through experience, and experience is subjective. It's subjective because it's personal, and it's personal because you alone experienced it.

 That's why a change in perspective often changes everything. For all of its flaws, the diverse group of people called 'the church' has a wide range of perspectives to draw from when considering this person called Jesus. One of those perspectives might be the one that clicks you forward, another might feel like it's holding you back. All a person can do is focus on clicking forward, one foot in front of the other into Life.


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