Proof Enough to Trust

Here are some more thoughts on skepticism and faith.

Something else we do without irrefutable proof: we trust people.

Now, without trust the economy would implode and society would become anarchy. Marriages fail without trust, and friendships can die without trust.

But the point is we trust others all the time (even sometimes when we shouldn't) and it's perfectly normal to do this. I trust people without having water-tight proof they are worthy. If I needed water tight proof, I wouldn't be able to trust anyone and would be living off the land as a hermit. Why? Because I have no idea what anyone else is thinking. I only know what they show me, and what people show each other is not the whole story. But it's got to be enough of the story that you can take a leap of faith to trust. Therefore, a bit of proof-of-worthiness is often enough.

And that was the big Q for me for a long time: is Jesus worthy of my trust? Setting aside all of my disbelief, it all came down to that question. Not even can God be trusted ... that's far too broad a question. It's Jesus, in particular, who I'm most interested in.

Just on a human level, I can't help but notice that those I know who have surrendered their lives to Jesus in an act of trust, regardless of their religious denomination are the most peaceful, giving, humble, patient, kind, disciplined people I know. They are the kind people the world could use more of. A lot more of.


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