The internet doesn't need another blog. What the internet does need is more places where people can find the life-changing truth that Jesus is real, cares for them and about them, and died for them.


Think Theos therefore aims to be a space for people to explore the gospel in a variety of ways. 


I will attempt to accomplish the mission I have for this corner of the internet by writing relevant, enjoyable and informative material on things that people want to know about when it comes to life, the bible, and the Christian faith.

My writing, as much as possible, will be data driven. I will using research from various sources (such as the Barna Group and Pew Research) on the state of faith in North America. I will also leverage customized surveys to gain insight into what unchurched people are curious about when it comes to matters of life and faith.


  1. Respect for the skepticisms that people may have about the Bible, Jesus and/or Christianity.
  2. Respect for the journey of faith that people are on
  3. Respect for the authority and authorships of the Bible


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